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Residential Services

In a highly competitive marketplace, brokers and agents must provide prospective buyers with current, concise information about each property to help the buyer make informed decisions. Access to online floor plans of properties allows the buyer to quickly and easily prequalify those homes that meet their space requirements and ultimately save time and energy. Verification of square footage ahead of the the sale, escrow, and appraisal process helps establish the listing price and avoid surprises.



Verification of Square Footage…

  • Assessor record of square footage oftentimes is LESS than actual
  • Accurate square footage needed to establish listing price
  • Accuate square footage needed prior to escrow and appraisal



Marketing Floor Plans include…

  • Scaled drawing showing walls, doors, windows, fixtures, room descriptions and dimensions, site address, broker/agent information, and living area square footage
  • Verification of square footage per ANSI Z765-2003 Method for Calculating Square Footage for Single Family Residential Buildings
  • URL links for listings containing viewable/printable PDF file, Google map location, agent information, and link to “Interactive Space Planner Tool”
  • Interactive Space Planner Tool allows user to drag, drop, orient and adjust SIZE of furniture into accurately scaled rooms
  • Laminated, 8.5″ X 11″, standup display for the home upon request
  • Digital “embedded” popup photos of each room in the PDF file upon request