Commercial Services

In today’s fast paced, highly competitive world, brokers, agents, property and facility managers must have access to the latest technologies and tools to make informed decisions.  As built floor plans are valuable tools that help the broker or agent establish sales price, the property manager determine rentable square footage, the facilities manager show location of safety equipment and emergency exit routes, and the business owner procure Certificates of Occupancy, all in a cost effective and timely manner.

Save Time, Energy, Money, Lives

  • Online accessible floor plans to prequalify and eliminate unnecessary site visits
  • Square footage verification per BOMA standards to establish sales price and/or lease rates
  • Space planning to avoid costly demo and remodel mistakes
  • Cost effective floor “depictions” in lieu of registrant stamped floor plan to obtain Certificate of Occupancy
  • Building occupants know location of safety equipment and quickest exit routes in an emergency

  • Square footage verification
  • Room dimensions
  • Online pdf file of floor plan

  • Older, existing space without current C of O
  • Approved floor and/or site plan does not exist
  • Navigation through the C of O process

  • Component of Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Location of safety equipment and exits
  • Quickest exit routes

  • Establish gross building area
  • Define building and floor common areas
  • Calculate rentable square footage per space

  • Scaled drawing of office, store or warehouse space
  • Drag, drop, and orient the furniture
  • Adjust SIZE of furniture feature