BOMA Building Analysis


BOMA International has created measurement and calculation standards for office and warehouse buildings that define and proportionally allocate spaces that benefit all building occupants.  These spaces are typically referred to as building and floor common areas and represent adjoining corridors, washrooms, electrical and mechanical rooms, lobbies, vending areas, and lounges to name a few.  Precision Floor Plan has the technology and experience to provide this type of analysis on any size office or warehouse building.  For commerical property managers and owners, a current BOMA building report can maximize lease revenue and sale price by ensuring that all spaces and common areas have been precisely measured and analyzed to provide the actual rentable square footage of each space.



BOMA Building Report contains…


  • Coversheet with current photo, site address, company info
  • Marketing floor plan with gross building area and room dimensions
  • Color coded rentable area analysis per floor drawing
  • BOMA Standard rentable area analysis spreadsheet calculations
  • CD disc of pdf files and Autocad files



Sample Report of Floor Plan