About Us



PrecisionFloorPlan.com, a privately owned LLC, headquartered in Tucson, AZ was launched in 2006 to meet the ever growing need of the local real estate community for accurate, professional looking, floor plans to promote the sale of residential homes and the sale or leasing of commercial buildings.  Since then, PFP has expanded its operations into Central Arizona.  In just a couple short years Precision Floor Plan has gained the respect, loyalty and admiration of its many customers. 


Duane Dixon

Founder of PrecisionFloorPlan.com

Duane is a degreed engineer with over 25 years experience in mechanical design from which he gained proficiency in AutoCAD and other related computer aided design software.   Weary of the corporate world and full of entrepreneurial spirit, he saw a need in the real estate community for a new standard of accuracy in floor plans.  Duane researched the leading edge technologies and tools to perform the measurements and transfer of data into CAD software applications from which the floor plans are derived.  Duane continues to research for better and more efficient ways to benefit his customers.